6 things you never believe people invented.

6 things you never believe people invented.

In this recent years it looks like almost everything needed to make humanity complete has already been invented, but some people don’t think so, as a few inventions has been made that made people wonder the reason for it’s existence since it is not really of any use. Below are some of them:


1) Toilet paper that glows in the dark:

So, toilet paper has already been invented, but this is a different type of toilet paper that glows at night. The manufacturer of this invention said that the toilet paper saves energy because you don’t need to turn on the bathroom light.


2) A beer- belly fanny pack:

This looks like a pot belly or a beer belly, just that it is a fanny pack.


3) A nose shaped shower gel dispenser:

So this is clearly kept in the bathroom to as a gel dispenser. The gel comes out of the nostrils, and then you use it on your body. That is what this invention was made for.


4) Stickers for an exhausted office worker:

This invention helps the working class, and even students who are tired in the class to sleep without stress in class while the teacher teaches. For the working class who are probably exhausted at work, this invention is also for them as they can just stick the stickers on the eyes while they sleep.


5)Honest socks:

This socks basically tells people how you feel about a particular matter or a situation without you saying it by yourself.


6) Phone holder cup:

This invention was made for people who can’t stop looking at their phone screen. All you have to do is buy the product, put whatever drink you want in your cup and put your phone on the phone holder.


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