6 things parents do to their children that affect their lives negatively.

6 things parents do to their children that affect their lives negatively.


1) Curses

There are some parents who when provoked to anger resorts to cursing their children. They forget that a parent’s curse or blessing is very powerful in the life of a child. The strange thing is that these curses may not affect the child immediately, but it will definitely affect the child in the long run. Some parents do not know that the reason why their children are wayward or unsuccessful in life is simply because of the curses they laid on them when they were angry.

2) Comparing them with others

So many people have been killed, others are still in prison because of their parents hand in their detriment. Some parents compare their children with others and this may cause the child to engage in activities that may destroy his/her life. Some children have killed their brothers, sister or siblings because their parents kept on comparing one child to another and that led to jealousy.

3) Failing to correct them

Some parents do not correct their children, they see some behaviour they portray as childish and the child grows up thinking that what he or she is doing is right.

4) Reprimanding those who correct their children.

Some parents see it as an abomination for someone else to correct their child. In fact, these set of parents have gone as far as fighting or even insulting teachers who tried to correct their child. This may affect the child’s life negatively as parents may not always be there to monitor a child’s actions and a child will begin to see his wrong actions as good since those who tried to correct him are reprimanded.

5) Fear

Most parents inculcate fear instead of respect in their children. These children may not be able to express their deepest feelings to their parents and may go in search of peers to answer their deepest questions. Many children have been raped, drugged, fell into bad company because their parents were not friends to them.

6) Being Overprotective

Children who are overprotected end up timid and thirsty to explore life. In fact most children live double lives today; the good boy/girl at home and the bad boy/girl in school because their parents were overprotective of them.

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