6 Alarming HIV/Aids signs that should make you take an HIV test immediately

Some diseases are yet to be completely accepted in our society and the more sensitization is done for people to attend tests,the more they ignore and the need for an alternative way to identify the signs would work easier. In most of the cases different diseases show similarity in signs and even symptoms and the call for specialized testing is recommended however, there are common signs that should send you to the VCT centre with a clear mind of how the results will be.

Here are some of these signs that will be a direct ticket not to any other laboratory but the voluntary testing for HIV labs.

1. If you see a dry rash in your body especially around your chest, groin, stomach, hands, legs and even thighs, you have all reasons to do an immediate test.

2. If you had unprotected sex with a random partner who you not sure of their status and you are experiencing night sweats more oftenly, kindly visit your doctor for a detailed test.

3. If you seddenly develop general fatigue, body pain and your throat feels swollen and you are in doubt of your status,then visit the VCT.

4. If a few weeks after raw intercourse you start having a drastic weight loss you need to check on your status.

5. If weeks after sex there is a change in your tongue colour to whitish that’s also a red alarm and should never be taken for granted.

6. If your hair becomes weak and may start to fall, be certain that all is not right.

It is worth to note that the above signs may be similar to those of other diseases and the need to do a test either at home or in the hospital is recommended. HIV and Aids can be managed especially when diagnosed early. Though there is no known and proven cure Arvs manage it quite well and one is guaranteed to live a normal life.

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