5 things to do to stop your mouth from smelling badly in the morning

5 things to do to stop your mouth from smelling badly in the morning

We are all common with that bitter and uncomfortable taste in the mouth when we wake in the morning. It’s like something died in there right? lol.







While it could be as a result of the kind of food that was eaten the night before, it could also be as a result of poor dental hygiene. There are many reasons why the mouth will smell or taste badly early in the morning. However, there are things that you can do to get rid of the bad and uncomfortable smell.



I will be sharing with you today, five things to do to stop your mouth from smelling badly in the morning.


1.It all begins with dental hygiene :it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad smell in the morning, it could be at any time of the day if you’re not taking care of your mouth properly.The minimum amount of times to brush everyday should be twice and nothing less. You should brush first every early morning and then at night after eating.Then you can make use of mouth wash and dental floss within the day to maintain a fresh smelling breath.


2.Limit your intake of onions and garlic:this types of food contribute a lot to smelly breath. It is especially active in the morning when you take it at night before sleeping. You can reduce the amount of garlic and onions in your food so that the smell is just faint on your breath. Also, brushing after consuming these foods will help to get rid of the smell in your mouth.


3.Do not sleep without brushing or flossing:this also contributes to the uncomfortable smell in the morning. It could also contribute to the yellowness of the teeth.



4.Drink more water:it is also a very effective way to get rid of mouth odour. Always try to drink as much water as possible after eating at night and also use it to rinse your mouth to get out any other food particles that’s left there. If the particles in your mouth stay on till the next day, it can contribute to bad breath and yellowness of the teeth.




5.Avoid smoking and drinking :it doesn’t necessarily matter the time it is taken, it can contribute to bad smell. Alcohol has a very strong smell that can linger on for a very long time, so it’s advisable to avoid it altogether or limit the intake as much as possible. The same thing applies to cigarettes, it also has a strong smell that lingers after a long while and it can also cause tooth decay.


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