5 thing you must stop.

5 thing you must stop

First of all let me make it crystal clear to anyone reading this that there is no shortcut to success, for you to be wealthy in these life takes hard work, diligence, discipline and perseverance. So if you are one of those lazy people who thinks that this world is a bed of roses, then am not too sorry to burst your bubble because it’s not. We live in a world and at a time where only the fittest and the strongest can survive. Have you ever asked yourself why the rich are getting richer and poor people continue to sink deeper into the murky water’s of lack accompanied by hunger and starvation. Am sure most of us know some of the richest people in the world today, but have you ever bothered to know their story or even find out how they started, it will surprise you that most of them came from very poor backgrounds and the only this they had was their idea’s and their determination, and ofcourse discipline. Studies have showed that most rich men sleep for only 4 to 5 hours in a day, now ask yourself how many hours in a day do you sleep, so now am sure you can now see that while you are busy snoring on your bed, these so called big men are busy working even until past midnight. Here are 5 things you need to stop doing as quick as possible, otherwise you will always be broke.


1) Stop wasting your time with friends discussing irrelevant things, remember this time is money. I once heard that Jeff Berzus who is currently the richest man in the world made $6.5 billion dollars in 5 minuites, now ask yourself how much can you make in 5 minuites or even in a whole day. No wonder rich people are always in a hurry because they know the value of their time.


2) Stop gambling and avoid all those get rich quick schemes, one thing about gambling that most people don’t know is that you end up giving more than you get from them. It’s very sad to see youth’s of nowadays gambling away the little money they have, exchanging money to receive ordinary white paper called a betslip.


3) Cultivate an investment centered mindset, always think of what to invest and avoid spending unnecessarily.


4) Learn to make and don’t be lazy, always try to apply yourself to doing something productive at all times.


5) Womanizing and alcoholism will make you broke and if you are not careful can even push you into the your early grave

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