5 Simple Ways To Detect A Fake Honey.

5 Simple Ways To Detect A Fake Honey.

Gone are the days when getting an original honey was very common. Some of the so called pure honey are not really real. For one to get an original honey requires if you know the differences between the original and fake one.



But not worry as I’ll be showing you how to identify and the fake and original honey. Therefore, there are 5 simple various ways to detect the original and the fake.




Some people labeled their honey to be pure and other brands but i can assure that they are often mix with low-quality sugars to minimize cost of production and make more profits. In so doing, it reduces the nutritional value of the honey.



What is a fake Honey?


A fake honey is when foreign mixtures like sugar, syrup, glucose and others are added to the honey than its original state after it was gotten from the Bee combs.


An original honey is said be the one that is gotten directly from the bees and undiluted.





Therefore, below are 5 ways to detect original and fake honey


1: The appearance test:


Just as we use appearance to detect the quality of many other things, same goes with honey. A real honey normally appear darker brown in colour than the fake one.




2. The feel test:


In this part, real honey are often thicker and not sticky like the fake one.


Tips- Get small quantity, rub it on your thumbs and press it. If it spreads on your thumbs immediately, know it’s fake and not pure or original. Original honey stays intact.


Or, pour few drops on a white paper, if it absorb immediately, then it’s fake. Pure doesn’t contain water and therefore it hardly absorb.


3. The taste test:


Don’t pay for it without knowing its taste. The fake honey tastes very sweet but lacks the nutritional flavours of the original honey.


An original honey will always give you that tingling feel behind your mouth immediately you swallow it which the fake one can’t give.


4. The water test:


This test is very common to people. Just get an bring an empty glass cup, add a teaspoon drop of the honey and put small water to it. Then, check the reaction in few seconds.


If it doesn’t dissolve so easily but form a pattern at the bottom of the glass, know it’s original honey. But it can only dissolve in water instantly if it’s diluted, that’s fake.


5. The flame test:


Flame test is one of the common ways of checking honey. It done by dipping a match stick into the honey and strike the stick against it’s box.




If it is unable to light, then know it is a typical fake honey. This is because it has some moisture contents. It can only burn instantly if it’s an original honey.


Another final tip is that, an original and pure honey would never freeze if put in the refrigerator.


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