5 secrets of ginger.

5 secrets of ginger.

Ginger is a rhizome or root stock that grows beneath the soil. They are stems in the sense that the bear nodes, inter nodes and scale leaves in the surface. Chemically, Ginger contains moisture, protein, fats, fibre, Ash, calcium and iron among others.

Ginger contains a little of volatile oil which gives it the aromatic quality. Pharmacologically,Ginger acts on system thus:

#1 circulatory system: Ginger lowers the risk of blood clots. It also has the ability to reduce blood cholesterol also influences the blood pressure preventing the blood vessel from being harden

#2 Digestive system: Ginger is capable of expelling gases from the stomach. It checks vomiting.

#3 metabolic effect: Fresh Ginger juice plays a great role in the management of blood sugar. It enhances the metabolism of both fats and helps the boby to make better use of the food substances broken down

#4 Kidney: Ginger helps to quicken the ability to pass out more urine

#5 Respiratory system: Ginger act directly on the bronchi. It reduces the secretion of sputum.

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