5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Sleeping On Your Stomach.

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Sleeping On Your Stomach.

Sleeping on the stomach is comfortable for sure. Nevertheless, there are certain things you need to know that could go wrong in the body when an individual sleep on the stomach overnight or during a short nap. Sleeping on the stomach has little benefit to the body compared to the harm it does to the body. Victims of such habit are vulnerable to be exposed to some health dangers which are unknown to most of them. Not all sickness or body faults comes from bacterial or virus, simple things done unintentionally adds up to the well-being of an individual.




You should also know that sleeping on the stomach can cause irreversible damage to the health of victims with serious underlying health conditions. Here is why.





1., Doctors prove that sleeping on the stomach reduces blood flow to the brain because the backbone is constricted when the head is turned to one side. They didn’t say the blood will stop flowing. What they actually meant was that there would be a reduction in the flow of blood to the brain compared to its normal supply. Do you know what that means? The brain can be left with little or no Oxygen at this moment and that’s no joke.




2., Sleeping in this position also alters the metabolism process in the body. That simply means the breakdown and buildups of nutrients needed in the body. This is so because the chest is compressed to a surface making breathing difficult. Most victim of such habit normally feels tired and groggy by the morning instead of feeling warm and energized.





3., It is never a good point sacrificing the health well-being for the sake of comfort. Sleeping in this position indirectly affects the stomach. The organs that laid around the stomach stops working effectively due to the duress and pressure on it while sleeping.




4., When the face got pressed down to the pillow, there is a restriction to the normal process to which blood flow through the blood skin. That is the blood flowing through the face tissues got altered. Because of this, there are high probabilities of wrinkles, aging on the face.




5., Sleeping on the stomach can bring damages to the joint of knees, or elbows. The joint gets little transition of blood flows causing strains of the bone. This is mostly common among athletes who have joint joint relocation. This is very bad I must confess. The pain, expenses, and all that it takes to correct the situation not knowing that the root of all of it came from the improper sleeping position.


Above all, It is not totally bad sleeping on the stomach. People with kidney problems are advise to sleep on their stomachs for a while because the position enable the kidney to work effectively without stress. Babies also feel more secured while sleeping on their stomachs. Above all, I hope it is clear that sleeping on the stomach can be dangerous to the health. The above-five-mentioned reasons are basically but not limited to the damages that sleeping on the stomach could do.


I hope you had a great time knowing this. Take a chance to look at things the other way now. Your health matters alot.

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