5 Powerful Decision-Making Skills To Help You Make Decisions Fast

5 Powerful Decision-Making Skills To Help You Make Decisions Fast

It is interesting to note that where we are today is a direct result of our decisions of yesteryears. Our entire lives are affected by the quality of our decision making of the past, either health, careers, relationships including our present selves.


Where we will be tomorrow, is also a question of our decisions of today. How far we may go in life, is largely determined by our decisions.


The following are the skills that can help us to make good decisions:


The 2 – Minute Rule


This is a rule that can help us to take the decision faster. Any time we want to make a decision, this tip will make it possible with the use of a timer, which will be set for a duration of two minutes for us to consider the pros and cons of our decisions. 1-5 minutes is also adequate under this rule.


Think Black And White


Thinking black and white, enable us to judge our decisions in two extremes, good or bad. When we can think in this way, we are able to strike out the bad options and make use of the good ones.


Put It In A Hat


If you have many tasks that you are not interested in this approach will work best for you. All you need to do is to write all your decisions on paper and put them in a hat or bag, you will pick them out at random.


Focus On The Present


We have to focus our attention on the present because that is what matters most to us, if we are thinking on how our decisions will affect the future, instead of using the time and energy on what to do at the moment, it makes our lives to be stagnated, and unproductive.


Embrace The Idea Of Failure


Fear of making decisions to better your life is a direct invitation to others to make decisions for you, which eventually leads to life regrets. We must not make decisions and be thinking whether it will turn out negative, that alone will make us slow in making life’s decision, or totally prevent us from making one.


And we have to know that making decisions and fail, is better than not making them at all; because we can always learn from our mistakes and grow.


In conclusion, if we fail to make decisions, it means we are being run by our lives, instead of we running them.


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