5 Mistakes People Make in Their 20s

A mistake is a natural phenomenon. It is inescapable but could be managed productively.

Making a mistake is normal but repeating the same mistake over time could be disastrous. People make mistakes regularly and those mistakes are meant to impart experience in people.

Today, we shall focus on 5 common mistakes people make in their early 20s. These mistakes could guarantee one will be poor for life.

As you listen to your music, enjoy this piece and make good adaptations from it.

1. TIME UNCONSCIOUSNESS: As long as you wake up to the next morning light, know that you are not growing any younger. That your “ I still have a lot of time” mentality must be abandoned! Please YOU DON’T has a lot of time.

There’s so much to learn and grow but this one life is not enough. Don’t forget, ‘time is money‘; the more you waste it, the less you get it.

2. LAZE: Don’t just lie there in your bed sleeping and expect your brain to develop overnight.

Wake up! Sit up! Learn a skill, try new things. This is the stage in life where you can fully train your brain to get what you want. Don’t waste it on hangouts, parties, trends, drugs, and alcohol. Start learning new things. Utilize it productively.

Yeah! The better your brain trains at an early stage, the more powerful it gets and works for you.


Read this twice. DON’T YOU EVER! Yes, you read it right! Don’t you ever pursue your relationships more than your career!

Though both are equally vital, learn to set boundaries in-between ‘RELATIONSHIPS ‘ and ‘CAREER‘ because there are high possibilities that your spouse might leave you in the future but YOUR CAREER DIES WITH YOU. So the pitch is all yours! So, find the balance.

4. FEELING OF INDEPENDENCE: Even the richest or strongest person on earth is NOT SMART ENOUGH to do all work ALONE!

There are smarter and more intelligent people everywhere, from whom you can learn and are ever willing to help. So get out there to as many people as you can learn from their experiences, and build your model.

YOU ARE NEVER TOO YOUNG OR OLD TO BE TAUGHT. Experts will be happy to share their moments and experiences with you and help you. Trust me, it’s true.


Remember the saying, ‘Delay is Dangerous‘. Sometimes the delay is divine, but at most times, its result is unpleasant.

What you’ve got to do, JUST DO IT; you either figure it out or discover something out of it. The chances are high that you will one day tell yourself “I wish I had known and done this earlier” and it’s certainly too late then.

So muster the courage to take risks; If you succeed, you make history; if you fail, it’s an experience for you.

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