5 Healthy Foods That Can Destroy Your Body System When You Overeat Them

In this article, I will be revealing some foods that pretend to be healthy for consumption, but are not. Although, there are some in this list that are healthy but need to be eaten moderately, we shouldn’t overeat them.

1. Suya

Suya is a common street food here in Nigeria. However, eating suya have been discovered by health scientist to increase chances of dying from cancer, Alzheimer’s diseases, heart diseases, diabetes and organ diseases. Suya is red meat, and eating red meat is not healthy at all, as it may trigger the growth of cancerous cells and make you susceptible to many terminal diseases, as opposed to white meat. Taking white meat is better, very healthy and reduces your chances of getting a terminal disease in future. (White meat does the exact opposite of what red meats do.)

Summary: Overeating suya is not healthy for you. Take it moderately and take more of white meat to reduce your susceptibility to terminal diseases. If you can avoid eating suya, please do for your health’s sake.

2. Boli

Boli is a common snack in Nigeria, which is made with plantain. Why am I putting boli on my list of foods that are not healthy?

a). Most boli sellers make their boli by the road side, soots from cars and automobiles around settle on it, therby contaminating it.

b). Some boli sellers still use calcium carbide to ripen their plantains such that a plantain which would normally take a week or two will be ripe within 48 hours. Calcium carbide is used to hasten the ripening of fruits like bananas, etc, and they’re also very dangerous to your health. Constant ingestion of foods contaminated by calcium carbide can cause intestinal disorders, diarrhea, wheezing and difficulty in breathing, burning sensation of the chest, which can lead to ulcer-related problems.

Summary: Boli is good for consumption if you make it yourself at home. The problem here is what some people use to ripen the plantains. Calcium carbide is what’s mostly used, and it’s not safe for consumption.

3. Roasted corn

Roasted corn is a popular street food in Nigeria. First of all, corn generally is not good for people who have diabetes, as it raises their blood sugar after consumption.

Secondly, roasted corn increase chances of experiencing allergies. You might start seeing rashes on your skin, or even experience asthma attack by eating roasted corn due to the presence of some proteins in the corn that causes allergies.

Finally, roasted corn is sold by the road side, no doubt about that. Soots and air pollutants that contaminate our roasted corn, put our health at risk.

4. Doughnuts

Doughnuts contain a lot of saturated fat and sugar which makes it unhealthy for diabetic patients. Besides, they don’t feel your stomach quickly and it’s very easy to get addicted to.

Summary: Doughnuts may taste so good, but are not that healthy. It’s better we watch out for the quantity we ingest into our system.

5. Fried foods

Fried foods include all foods which are fried first before consumption. Deep fries, french fries, fried chips, fried chicken, etc are common examples of fried foods.

Fried foods are high in fat, calories and salt and studies have showed that fried foods can cause heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Fried foods can also trigger several risk factors of terminal diseases such as; obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Summary: Fried foods are known to affect the heart but we can avoid overeating or unnecessary consumption of fried foods.

You don’t have to give up all these foods, but you shouldn’t overeat either. Eating moderately and responsibly is the key to healthy lifestyle. That’s why dieticians drafted what’s called a “balanced diet”. The earlier we start taking a balanced diet, the better for us.

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