5 food that are less fat and are healthy for your body

5 food that are less fat and are healthy for your body

When it comes to health, what we eat is very important. What we consume contributes 99% to our health. So therefore a healthy diet is needed to maintain or improve overall health. Below are the list of 6 healthy foods.


1 Grains such as rice: rice is the seed of grass species. It is most widely consumed food in human population. It is low in fat and very healthy for the body.


2 skimmed milk: skimmed milk is made when all the milk fat is removed whole milk. It tends to contain around

3 fruits: fruits are very nutritious and contain lots of fiber and antitioxidants. Example of fruits are, mango, Banana, watermelon, orange, strawberries


4 Lean meat: Lean meat are meats with relatively low fat content. Skinless chicken, red meat and turkey are example of Lean meat.


5 vegetables: vegetables are part of plants that are should be consumed in everyday of our lives, it contains 0% amount of fat. Examples of vegetables are, pumpkin, pea, squash, corn, tomato, leek, red pepper, cucumber.

6 Lentils are a small round legumes and staple ingredient in many recipes throughout South Asia, West Asia and the Mediterranean. They’re inexpensive, versatile and can be stored for up to a year, which makes them a great pantry staple. Examples of lentils are, red eyes beans, red lentils, split red lentils, yellow pigeon pea.


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