5 dangerous things you should never do near your gas cylinde

5 dangerous things you should never do near your gas cylinder

5 dangerous things you should never do near your gas cylinde

Our cooking gas cylinders is a fragile home equipment we should never joke with. It requires a lot of carefulness by the user in order for it to serve it’s major purpose. Therefore it is pertinent for us to know the things we shouldn’t do near our cooking gas cylinders to avoid gas explosion or fatal home accident.


1. Aviod the use of hand sanitizers near your cooking gas: At the wake of Coronavirus, almost all homes are filled with different types hand sanitizer. Therefore while cooking with your gas cylinders avoid the use of hand sanitizer because it contains powerful Ethyl Alcohol which is highly inflammable and can ignite fire outbreak that might lead to burning your hands and body.




2. Avoid phone calls whenever you are cooking: Receiving phone calls in your kitchen while cooking is almost the same thing as receiving phone calls in a patrol station. This act can ignite fire outbreak and cause gas explosion. Also if you are using your phone torchlight to cook at night, make sure the phone is on Airflight mood to avoid fire outbreak.



3. Do not smoke near your cooking gas cylinder: This can result to serious fire outbreak. Research has shown that a lot of gas vapour can be on air without us knowing. Therefore smoking near your cooking gas can lead to fatal home accident.



4. Stop keeping your plastic rubbers, and cooking oil sprays near your cooking gas burner: This equipment can melt or result to firebreak if adequate measures is not taken. It is very necessary to keep it away from your cooking gas cylinders.



5. Don’t keep your windows and doors closed while using your cooking gas: it is very important to cook in a ventilated room or kitchen to prevent too much heat and pressure that might lead to gas explosion.

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