5 benefits of Sodom Apple to the body

5 benefits of Sodom Apple to the body

Sodom Apple popularly known as Ewe Bombom has a lot of health benefit to your body and it is not poisonous to health.


Among those benefits are:


1. For Diabetes.


2. For breast water.


3. Its drives snakes away.


4. For pile and toothache.


5. For typhoid.


6. For Malaria.


How to use Sodom Apple to cure those health Challenges listed above.

1. For Diabetes:

Pluck two leaves and place it on ground, make sure you wear socks and place your feet on it for some hours, do it daily for a week, After that go for check up. And you will find out that diabetes is gone.

2. For breast water( for breastfeeding mothers).

Soak Sodom Apple inside water,then grind the leaf to extract the milk and use it to wash the two breasts be prepare for free flow of milk.

3. Its drive snake away and also for treating of snake bites.

4. For pile and toothache.

Cut and drop the whitish gel that comes out of it on the tooth with hole and chew on the root with the affected tooth.




5. For typhoid.


Soak sodom Apple with either Schnapps or Palmwine with milk and start drinking it once daily.




6. For Malaria.


Cook Sodom Apple with lemon grass and lime then drink it.

I hope you enjoy the article and have seen the benefits of Sodom Apple (Ewe bombom).



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