30 Best & Latest High Heel Sandals For Women With Pictures

High heels! This word tells us all! Women who have an eye on fashionable looks and want to be like a style icon or those who prefer edgy and smart looks often prefer them. The girl’s high heel sandals are among those which are always there stacked in cupboards of the youth. If you want to conquer the world, you need heels. If you get less in attitude, you need heels. Heels are the new solution! While we already have been seeing several variants of these heels trending across from generations and years together, what we must not miss is the latest evolutions and discovery of options within the same.

The style and fashion industry keep evolving with time, and so are its designs. With these latest women’s high heel sandals, we give you a glimpse of the latest on-going trends and most sought after models in the fashion market today.

Features of High Heel Sandals:

Well, when we talk about these variants of high heels, one must not get confused and assume that all of these are the same or similar to each other. There are several types and kinds of heels footwear, and here are a few distinguishing features among the same.

  • The high heels come in different variants and types. They may be in forms such as pumps, lace-ups, stilettos, kitten heels, and more. Be it the form of look and comfort you are in search of, for luxe and elegant style or essential yet sleek look; one can prefer the style they like.
  • The inches of heel in this footwear often differ. You can easily get to choose between different inches and height in these heels.
  • The high heel sandals for ladies are super versatile. They come in different textures, colours, and polish.

How to Choose The Right High Heel Sandals For Yourself?

One cannot go about picking up any type and design in this footwear. This exclusively depends on one’s comfort, liking, and size. Here are a few pointers you must note before you pick your favourite style in these variants.

  • Work on listing the types of occasions and events you would choose when you buy them. Depending on your events, you can prefer the design.
  • Match it well with your comfort. Pick the right size and heel inch, depending on how well you can carry them comfortably.
  • Do not choose skinny and very thin soles as they may tend to break. Examine the sole quality as well as the entire texture.

Ways to Wear and Pair The High Heel Sandals with Dresses:

Before we get into introducing you to the most popular variants in high heels, here are few ways on how one can wear and pair them for best looks.

  • One doesn’t always go with the matching colour with the outfit. Prefer also to block the colours to stand out. For example, you can choose to wear yellow, dark solid high heels with a red mini dress. We promise you are going to look stunning and stand out from the crowd.
  • If the length of the dress is longer, prefer wedges or lace-ups and similar styles.
  • Alternatively, if you have a mini dress or skirts, you can go for pumps.
  • Prefer to keep it sleek for parties and formal for office events. Pumps and wedges can help you well for the latter, whereas lace-ups, block heels, stilettos can help you for the former.

Most Popular High Heels For Women And Girls In India:

High heel sandals are now fascinating and gained popularity. Here are the 30 Latest High Heel Sandals that are new for women and girls, with images.

1. Leopard Print High Heel Sandals:


The Leopard printed costumes and wear have been in popularity for ages, and it is among the most timeless and classic fashion we have come across. These stylish, sleek, leopard printed high heel sandals are among our absolute favourites. It has mid-top styling and closed back details with flat heels. If you are of bold and confident choice, this is a must possess footwear.

  • Design: Bown Leopard print High Heel Sandals with Closed Back Detail
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: Cushioned
  • Occasion: Cocktail events, formal parties
  • Style Tip: Shirtdress, slit maxi gown is apt to fit.

2. Glitter High Heel Pull Up Sandals:


The shines and glitters been well-received and loved by girls in this generation from several years. If you love something loud and bold enough, this black glitter heel sandals may be the perfect and apt match, with elegant as well as a classic and bold style statement. It has an open slip on variant and is easy for long day wear too.

  • Design: Black glitter high heel sandals
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: PVC
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: This can look good in matching black dresses and outfits.

3. Floral High Heel Sandals with Bow:


The floral trend has been ongoing from the time millennium has entered and it hasn’t still backed off. This versatile and bright floral heel in ankle loop wedges looks fancy and plush effortlessly. With buckle closure and easy fit, women who prefer feminine and girly look can best fit in this female high heel sandals.

  • Design: Pink floral wedges
  • Material: Fabric
  • Sole Type: rubber
  • Occasion: Weddings, social gatherings
  • Style Tip: A long floral dress or ethnic wear can be ideal for this one.

4. Leather Ankle Strap High Heel Sandals:


The leather is the most versatile and also durable material we have ever known. With this genuine leather brown and black wedges, the plush and luxurious look is redefined. The high wedges, with a classic look and vibrant style statement, have got an enormous fan following and so will you love this variant if you like timeless, elegant fashion.

  • Design: Brown and black leather wedges heels
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: Resin
  • Occasion: Parties, weddings, high-end events, and cocktail dinners
  • Style Tip: This can go well with knee-length dresses and skirts.

5. High Heel Open Toe Sandals with Tassels:


While tassels and hoops have been a new trend, here we have something with high heel tassels. This beige high-top open toe heel has got an entirely redefined look with the vibrant and bright tassels falling around. Women who love the dramatic look and edgy high-end fashion would prefer this one; for the smart and sleek appearance, it would deliver effortlessly.

  • Design: Beige Tasselled Open toe high heel sandals
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: Cushion
  • Occasion: Clubbing nights and parties
  • Style Tip: Mini dresses can be an ideal match to wear with these heels.

6. High Heeled Wedge Flip Flops:


The flip-flops are the new cool! Those who don’t prefer the sleek and edgy heels or sandals and prefer a breezy outfit instead and look should not miss on this modern-day comfort intervention. These black embellished wedges flip flops, on the other hand, are both mesmerizing and straightforward.

  • Design: Black embellished flip flops
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: cushion
  • Occasion: Casual daily wear
  • Style Tip: This is versatile and can be worn with different outfits.

7. High Heel Beach Comfort Sandals:


Dusty pink is a new love for several women. This shaded heels with comfort sandals have taken over the internet with recent trends from the past few months. With the comfort of wear as well as easy to style in a versatile manner, these pink sandals are edgy and embedded with the latest trends. Manufactured by Carlton London, they are also the best fit for long day wear.

  • Design: Pink comfort heels with open back
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: Cushion
  • Occasion: Casual outings and dinner meetings
  • Style Tip: These sandals are best for casual western outfits.

8. Designer High Heel Shoe Sandals:


We all love designer wear. The intricacy, elegance, and royal look associated with them cannot be competed with. This Dune London’s designer heel sandals in the pump variant are among the most sought after variant. With a black and embellished look, it pumps out a plush and luxurious style statement from within.

  • Design: Black pumps with stone embellishments
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: Synthetic
  • Occasion: Parties and weddings
  • Style Tip: This footwear is only best to fit with full-length maxi dresses.

9. Jimmy Choo High Heel Sandals in 4.5 Inches:

Jimmy Choo is among the most widely celebrated brand across the globe. From celebrities to fashion enthusiasts, we all dream of having one pair of Jimmy Choo in our closet. This lovely black edgy and sleek heel sandals are super stylish and worth all the costs. If you do not have a limit of budget, this is a must-have for every woman.

  • Design: Black high heels platform sandals
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: PVC
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: Black knee-length dress or skirts can be an apt match.

10. Mochi High Heel Block Sandals:


Among several of Indian brands, Mochi is famous for its feminine and intense sleek variety of footwear. This beige shiny mochi solid heels are for all the girl’s favourite colour – beige! It has open toe heels and closed back detail with intricately textured patterns within. Simple yet elegant, this piece undoubtedly stands out in your closet!

  • Design: Beige open toe heels with the back closed detail
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: Cushion
  • Occasion: Weddings, festive wear
  • Style Tip: From Indian ethnic outfits to sarees and lehengas, this heel can suit them all.

11. Kitten High Heel Sandals in 2 Inches:


High heels do not come in single variation and length. These lesser and smaller 2-inch heels are for those women who prefer a much simpler and yet elegant look uniquely. We love the way these orange kitten heels give a whole new appearance to simple footwear, with its unique and mesmerizing appearance and style design. If you like a simple and yet polished and edgy look, this can be for you!

  • Design: Orange simple 2-inch kitten heels
  • Material: Polysynthetic
  • Sole Type: Rubber sole
  • Occasion: Cocktail events, dinner parties
  • Style Tip: Women can pair this with skirts, casual outfits, and dresses.

12. Catwalk Flat High Heel Sandals:


If you have an eye for fashion and bold, stunning style icon variants, you would have already come across the brand, Cat Walk. With their wide range of collections and elegant look designs, their heels are often talk of the town. This edgy yet straightforward beige and colourful flat sandals are best for women who prefer simple and yet contemporary bright looks. With smooth design and most comfortable makeover, these high heel sandals are a must-have for every working woman wardrobe.

  • Design: Beige open toe heel sandals
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: Cushioned
  • Occasion: Daily workwear
  • Style Tip: One can prefer to wear this with casual outings and work/office wear.

13. Bata High Heel Sandals in 3.5 Inches:


Bata has been known and easy to approach brands for kids and adults from the last few generations. These tan-brown solid high heel sandals are easy, comfortable and yet have a sleek design. The inches aren’t too high nor too low, giving a luxurious and easy to wear look in budget variety.

  • Design: Tan-brown solid backstrap high heel sandals
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: Cushioned
  • Occasion: Parties, dinner and social gatherings
  • Style Tip: One-piece dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits are the best and apt match.

14. Stilletto Heel Sandal with Rhinestone:


While stilettos have got popular and attention across the fashion industry for its sleek and plush looks, these black and embellished heels are among the most popular ones. The transparent toe strap and black ankle strap has been a unique design with embellishments on the former one. Those ladies who prefer sleek and the most modern and elite look must not miss it out.

  • Design: Black embellished stilettos
  • Material: PVC
  • Sole Type: Resin sole
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: These stilettos are good to go only with maxi dresses and gowns.

15. Transparent Pencil High Heel Sandals:


The high pencil heels have entered the trend from the beginning of the new millennium, and from then on, there is no turning back. With the highly edgy appearance and metallic look, it looks plush and luxurious. They are inspired by the design of western partywear patterns and look stunningly gorgeous.

  • Design: Transparent metallic look pencil heels
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: PVC
  • Occasion: Parties and fashion events, cocktail events
  • Style Tip: Any dresses, frocks, and gowns are good to go.

16. Bronze Party Wear Sandals with High Heels:


Women who love parties and are a sucker for happening events across cities, we hear you! This plush luxury and elegant polished bronze and gold heels are stylish and are a newcomer in the fashion town. Manufactured by peep-toe of the USA, this style is for those who have dreams high to the sky and look forward to looking no less than fashionista in high-end events. Watch them out!

  • Design: Gold and Bronze strapped high heels
  • Material: Poly Synthetic Leather (PU)
  • Sole Type: TPR sole
  • Occasion: Parties and high-end events
  • Style Tip: Wear these heels with short and mini flared dress to look stunning.

17. Grey High Heel Platform Sandals:


These Mast and Harbour grey solid sandal heels are super lovely and elegant. Those who prefer much simpler and smart styles, with a comfortable look, must not miss this out. It looks plush and trendy, with modern hues and yet suitable for casual and regular daily wear.

  • Design: Grey open toe sandals with platform heels
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: Cushioned
  • Occasion: Casual daily wear
  • Style Tip: One can wear these sandal heels to any regular daily activities and events, and can suit versatile outfits effortlessly.

18. 6 inch-High Heel Wedge Sandals:


This colourful and bright high heel wedges are the new talk of the town. One doesn’t need to wear thin and long inch heels just to look sexy or contemporary, but wedges are smooth and trendy too, along with comfort. The sandals have heels of six inches, which are textured, surrounded by an ankle strap. Those who are in search of contemporary ethnic footwear can prefer this one.

  • Design: Multicoloured textured wedge sandals with six-inch heel and buckle closure
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: PVC sole
  • Occasion: Festive and wedding wear
  • Style Tip: One can prefer to style this with ethnic and desi outfits such as festive clothes.

19. Embellished High Heel Sandals for Weddings:


All the brides-to-be! Buckle up now, and here you got the perfect heels for the day. With these embellished and shiny, stylish heels, one can look no less than a diva on their main day. It can match flawlessly with any bridal outfit and can entirely transform your look into a fashionista. The embellishments with glittery looks alter the entire looks and give a plush view quickly.

  • Design: Gold-toned open sandals with open back
  • Material: Synthetic and embellishments
  • Sole Type: Cushioned sole
  • Occasion: Weddings
  • Style Tip: One can pair this with their bridal outfit for the wedding day.

20. Black Very High Heel Sandals:


These Steve Madden black very high heel sandals are everything gorgeous, and you would not want to miss these out. This once-in-a-lifetime designed footwear has set the entire fashion industry on hold with their sleek and edgy appearance. Women who are fashionistas and are into throwing solidly stunning and jawdropping looks must have this in their wardrobe.

  • Design: Black open-toe sleek high heels with ankle loop
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: Cushioned
  • Occasion: Parties, high-end fashion events
  • Style Tip: Prefer to wear this with edgy gowns and dresses.

21. Catwalk: Trendy High Heels:

For women, many types of sandals are available, like heels, semi heels and high heels etc. Many branded latest heels sandals are seen in today’s market. New designs and models are re-designed with different styles. Among them, Catwalk is one. Catwalk is the term which is mostly seen in the fashion world. This indicates regarding walking style of women. So high heel sandals of Catwalk are very special, which gives a special look for women for any event. Skilled and trained craftsman designs sandals. They are also a preferred party to wear high heel sandals.

22. Marc by Marc Jacobs: The Strappy Sandals Heel:

Marc by Marc Jacobs is an industry of apparel and footwear. It was founded by Marc Jacobs In the year 1984. The present CEO is Sebastian Suhl. Sandals of Marc by Marc Jacobs use good quality of materials. They have sandals with high heel for women who are over age 45. The ladies high heel sandals are designed in wedges with a strap at ankle. This heel is strapped and is a preferred strappy sandals heels.

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23. Balenciaga: Fashion High Heels:

Balenciaga is an industry related to fashion. It was founded in the year 1919. Founder of Balenciaga was Cristobal Balenciaga. Its headquarters are located in Paris in France. He is a Spanish designer. His skirts and odd feminine were trademarks today. Balenciaga high heel sandals will be elegant to look at. It designs are very different. These designs will be very fashionable and on trending. The heel will be very pointed does not look like wedges. Straps are travelled from toes to the ankles. It looks attractive with combinations of colours.

24. Max Mara: Redefining Your Sandals:

It is a private type company which was launched in the year 1951. This is an industry of fashion. Founder of the Max Mara is Achille Maramotti. Its headquarters are located Reggio Emilia in Italy. As it is an industry of fashion, it includes all the products of fashions like apparels, eye wears and footwear etc. Excellent designers design max Mara high heel sandals. Sandals are made with excellent features. It is pointed and high. This one needs extreme balance while walking. They come in a range of colours and is attractive.

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25. Camilla Skovgaard: Black High Heels:

Very famous designers are seen in the footwear world. Camilla Skovgaard is one among them. She is from Denmark and done her graduation in footwear designs. Camilla wants her designs to be unique. This uniqueness led her to take a Queen Elizabeth Scholar award. Her design varies from sandal to sandal. It easily attracts viewers. She even takes care of feet of women by using good quality of material like soft fabric and satin etc. Camilla Skovgaard is one among them. Camilla likes her designs to be unique. This uniqueness led her to take a Queen Elizabeth Scholar award. Her design varies from sandal to sandal. It easily attracts viewers. She even takes care of feet of women by using good quality of material like soft fabric and satin etc.

26. Cesare Paciotti: Ultimate Stiletto:

Cesare Paciotti is a shoe designer. He was born on January 1 in the year 1958. He is Italian and is well known for designing shoes. He had a company which makes footwear and leather goods. He is very famous for dagger logo. He designed a high heel sandal which is in the slinky model. It will be complicated for a woman over 45. It has a great elegant look because sandal appears in the colour of a black-white. Straps are criss-cross from toes to ankle. This stiletto will look good on any day.

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27. Kate Spade: New Trendy High Heels:

Kate Spade is a reputed designer based in New York. She first started her business by designing trendy bags for women and has now established into a multitude of fashionable products. When you talk about high heel sandals, you can never miss out on Kate Spade’s classic black heels. Just like all her designs, the black high heel sandal stands a mile long and is a perfect description of timeless elegance. This one is indeed a must for a woman who loves fashion and shoes.

28. Latest High Heel Sandals: Frill Inspired:

Badgley Mischka is a very reputed brand founded by American fashion designer duo, Mark Badgley and James Mischka. Even since its beginning years, this high heel footwear brand has been the most chosen one for women. The quirky and frilly designs have been praised by all and have always been the favourite style amongst brides and her bridesmaids. Wear Badgley Mischka and let this ladies high heel sandals speak for its perfection, beauty and elegance. This new high heel sandal is one of the most popular high heel sandals for women that comes in a range of work and design.

29. Alexander McQueen: White Heeled Sandals:

Founded by Alexander McQueen, this truly party wear sandals high heels footwear brand is known for its perfect balance between fragility and strength. The classic white heel stands out for its splendour and sophistication and is an ideal choice for women who love to make bold fashion statements. This high heel sandal in white can be worn for various occasions without looking repetitive.

30. Miu Miu: Wedge Heel Sandals:

When you name the top-rated high heels sandals for women, you cannot miss out mentioning Miu Miu. A segment of the world-renowned Prada family, Miu Miu heels are loved for their glam factor. Each of their designs is unique and definitely spoils the woman who loves her shoes. The mauve suede shoe with peep toes and front straps is an all-time favourite. The glitter gold high heels and back is sure to grab attention wherever you go!

Accentuate your look and personality with these delightfully brightly coloured ladies high heel sandals. It speaks a lot about your personality, so it is important to make the right choice. Choose any of these amazing top 20 high heels sandals for your next formal occasion and grab eyeballs from all directions.

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