1.Try not to wear a vest or sleeveless top without shaving your armpits or without a bra underneath… No man, not even your better half, will prefer to consider you to be such.

2. Try not to leave modest nail clean to wear off all alone, there’s an explanation they sell nail clean remover…

3. In the event that you can’t manage the cost of good quality weaves, try not to. Simply pack your hair conveniently.

4. Try not to do fake nails that make you seem as though a monster sovereign, being straightforward is consistently hot. Simply attempt it once and you will cherish doing it generally. Have you heard men talk about a woman being normal previously? This is on the grounds that they like characteristic ladies.

5. Transparent tights or a top utilized as a dress when you are out in broad daylight is a damnation to-the-no!

6. Never get things done for a man with a desire for receiving something consequently, desires are hazardous. Do it since you basically need to.

7. Never negate what your man says out in the open.

8. Never tail the man that left you for the other lady.

9. Try not to impart your closest companion’s very own life to each Tom, * and Harry.

10. Ladies ought to never follow up on trouble seeing someone like checking your man’s telephone, annoying him to death, and acting like a neurotic oddity. You will essentially discharge him to another person thusly.

11. Never hand out your whole family show on a first date. The person simply needs to think about you.

12. Quit fixating on your body. It’s acceptable to eat well and work out however leave it at that.

13. Never over-decorate. Quit appearing as though a Christmas tree.

14. Never venture out from home without lip-shine, your telephone and above all your poise.

15. Never leave your utilized sterile towel in the latrine for the following individual to see. Ladies please!

16. Never wear exceptionally high heels on the off chance that you can’t do the Naomi Campbell walk. You resemble an alcoholic grasshopper.

17. Never wear short skirts and low profile finishes when off to a meeting. You will make an inappropriate impression.

18. Never figure you can compromise your man into accommodation. You essentially get him disturbed at long last.

19. Regard is corresponding. You gain your man’s regard in the event that you regard him first. Lastly.

20. Never wish to resemble some other lady. There are others out there begrudging you for what your identity is… Be yourself

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