20 Things You Should Never Buy Second Hand As A Nigerian

A lot of us Nigerians are used to buying second hand items. Well, it is mostly because they are cheap. At least, it is cheaper than buying a new item. However, most of these things are dangerous to our health. For the fact that someone has used them before, you shouldn’t attempt to use them. Don’t get me wrong though. Some second hand items are okay to be used while some should not be used.

Yes, they are several stores and shops that display second hand items. You can just go there and pick items of your choice.

In this article, I will be listing out 20 household items that shouldn’t be bought and used as a second hand product. Here they are:

1. Phones

Some people who sell second hand phones sell stolen phones. If you are unfortunate, you may buy a phone with a tracker. You can be tracked down and arrested. So, unless you know a person very well, do not buy second hand or used phones. It is always better to buy phones from a credible company such as Slot, Nokia House, Callus Miller, and so on.

2. Mattress

It is no doubt that a new mattress it very expensive, especially in this recession period. However, it is better to buy a new one than a used one filled with sweat, bed bugs and most times, urine smell.

3. Tyres

If someone is selling a second tyre to you, you should be very careful. You don’t want to get into an accident just because you want to save money. Better still, go for new tyres.

4. Makeup Products

Buying and using old makeup products isn’t good at all. Imagine using mascara of someone with a transferable eye disease such as “appollo”. How about using a lip gloss of someone whose blood has stained it. There are cheaper makeup products you can buy brand new.

5. Undies

We cannot keep emphasizing on the dangers of buying okirika underwear. In fact, this is where you see most ladies. Why not buy a new one just so you can be safe. You can contract diseases by wearing second hand underwear.

6. Gas Cylinder

Had I known always comes at last, isn’t it? A lot of people are wicked. They will deliberately sell you a bad gas cylinder. Imagine buying a second hand gas cylinder that is leaking without knowing it. Of course, it will be filled with rust. But the person who sold it to you would have repainted it so you can’t tell.

Avoid being a victim of circumstances by not purchasing used gas cylinders.

7. Face Caps

They are much cheaper but there is no harm in buying a new one.

Here are more:

8. Bedsheets

9. Vacuum Cleaner

10. Foot mat

11. Towels (Body and face towels)

12. Electronics (unless you are very sure)

13. Helmets

14. Baby Products:

If you have a baby, buy only new things for him or her. It is very important to the baby’s health.

15. Bikinis and swimsuits

16. Generator. The amount of money you will spend repairing it would have gotten you a new one

17. Curtains

18. Earrings

19. Car seat

20. Clothes with stains and odour

Second hand items are a great way of saving money but while doing so, please be careful.

Here are a few tips when buying second hand items:

1. Get a receipt if it’s a phone or other electronic items.

2. Buy from someone that has a permanent store or home address. You can easily locate the person in this way.

3. Thoroughly wash second hand clothes before wearing.

Stay safe. Please share this information with your family and friends.

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