20 dressing rules you need to know.

20 dressing rules you need to know.

Fashion has always been a great deal for every human, as we all have different fashion sense. To most people the way you dress should be the most important thing In every individuals life, as you are being addressed the way you dress.

Fashion is the ability to shape the lives of humans through it personal connection. as we all need to wear clothes, which is very essential. we all need to buy clothes. Fashion is a prevailing style of dress at any time. fashion can also be categorise by change.

Fashion also acts as a mirror of sorts on society. it should not be taken too seriously. while to others, fashion is a another way of expressing yourself, your mood, and a way of passing messages to people around you.

While most people have there different reasons for choosing different fashion sense, others do not bother, to know if they are on the right track.

Fashion is more than just throwing your clothes on to cover up. you need to know the basic fashion rules of dressing, to avoid going wrong in fashion or becoming a mocking stock.Vickygblog will not only teach you the basic fashion tips, but also educate you on how to dress nicely in any attire you put on.

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Being fashionable, cut across just going by the latest trend, or dressing nearly to make sure you look good. there are ways we wear our clothes, shoes, neck tie, that are out of fashion and we keep missing out, because we have not been properly informed. in this article, I will be writing on 15 dressing rules for everyone.

1. When you have an appointment to catch up with, in the office or you are expecting formal visitors, it is out of fashion to wear handless clothes or siglet. be it a man or woman.

It makes you look unorganized and shabby. wear clothes that gives you a befitting look to avoid side talks and passimg the wrong message.

2. When you wear multi colored or too bright colored shirts, you should do well to match it with a dark or not too bright skirts.

Wearing too bright colours, make your dressing sense look really childish and improper.

3. Most people do not take note of this, after buying a new suit of clothes, make sure you remove the tag on it. you do not need to go around showing everyone that you just bought a new suit.

4. When you wear a belt, make sure the colour of your shoes matches the colour of your belt to avoid colour “riot” it is old fashion, wearing shoes that has different colours from the belt on your waist.

5. When you put on a long sleeve, make sure you wear a belt on your trouser. It makes you look organized and fashionable.

6. As a lady, when you put on a blouse with “V” neck, make sure you button it to cover your chest.

7. For ladies: When you wear a cardigan or sweat shirt, do not let your bare skin show. instead, wear a dark coloured siglet inside. by doing this, you have re created another fashionable style.

8. For guys:

9. If your must wear a short dress which will go above your knees, it should be covered at the shoulder region. and if you decide to wear a long gown, it Should have a “V” necked shape.

10. For guys who work at the office, this is another fashion secret, you might have not come across. when ever you nod a tie, let the length get to your waistline. instead of nodding a tie that stops at your stomach region, or below your waistline, it is better to let it drop at same line with your belt.

11. Most ladies, think fashion has to do with how many jewelries you put on, this is wrong, wearing a necklace, wristwatch, ring, band, and bracelet in one outfit is totally off.

If you must put on any of them, let it be two at most three. wearing all the jewelries on one outfit is totally odd.

12. For ladies

13. For those who love wearing suits. or work in offices where it is mandatory to wear them. when you put on a suit, this is how to button it.

14. When you wear a socks, let it be long enough to cover your legs, so that when you seat. it would not reveal your bare legs.

15.To look fashionable with a great fashion sense, when you put on a necklace, do not wear other jewelries. depending on your dress. if you put on a plain gown with long ear rings, there is know need putting on a necklace.

16. Dressing good is good business, always try to dress neatly and iron your clothes to look good. there is a big difference between a rumped and a well ironed clothe.

17. Do not dress poorly, dress well to look presentable.

18. Always wear clothes that fits your body shape. Every lady has a unique body shape, you should meet a tailor to brief you on yours, in other to know the outfits that will look good on you.

19. Do not wear clothes that are too tight.

20. Do not wear clothes that are way bigger than your size. it doesn’t make you look your age. Over big clothes, at times might look fashionable. but it does not go well for everyone.

Bonus: Always try to wear clothes you feel comfortable on. remember you are not dressing to show off, or to impress anyone. be comfortable with your dress sense.


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