18 Disgusting Habits To Avoid In Public.

18 Disgusting Habits To Avoid In Public.

1. Nose picking:

This is a disgusting act that people should try and avoid in public spaces. Most people do not know how it irritates people around them whenever you use your hand to pick your nose. You also place germs on your fingernails which you end up touching other objects or people with. Instead use a handkerchief or tissue next time.

2. Popping your pimple:
most people feel it is appropriate to pick up a mirror and start popping your pimples in public, it is a disgusting act that one should stop, instead do this in privacy.

3. Shouting on a call in public:

reduce the way you shout in public when on a call most people find it uncomfortable and annoying.

4. Smoking in public:
I am not even talking about the negative effect of smoking talk less of smoking in public and allowing others inhale the smoke, it is a very bad habit.

5.Applying make-up in public:

ladies, even though you want to look good throughout the whole day, avoid applying your make-up in public, instead excuse yourself to a more private place.

6. Sneezing without covering your nose in public:
some people are fond of this disgusting act, pls when sneezing cover your nose with a handkerchief or tissue rather than spreading germs by sneezing on other people.

7. Looking at somebody’s phone in public:

this kind of disgusting act is mostlt found in buses, most people just feel okay by looking at someone’s phone while the person is typing, pls if you are fond of it, pls stop.

8. Belching in public:
this annoying and disgusting act should stop, it makes people around you uncomfortable and irritated.

9. Farting loudly in public:
most times even though we can not control what comes out of our body, try to go somewhere more private before farting, the habit of farting loudly in public is bad.

10. Bitting/ trimming your fingernails in public:

This habit is irritating and disgusting please,desist from this habit if you engage in it.

11. Swearing:
Please swallow all you foul languages when in public, sincerely no one wants to hear them, its a bad habit.

12. Chewing loudly/ making noises while eating:
Most people are fond of this habit, please desist from it if you involve on this.

13. Popping gum in public:

This is highly disgusting and one should not involve in this.

14. Cracking your knuckles in public:

Many people are fond of this act but people may find it uncomfortable.

15.Adjusting your underwear in public:
This is plainly disgusting please do not engage in this, find somewhere more private.

16. Scratching your privates in public.
17. Brushing your hair in public.
18. Biting your pen in public.
What do you think, feel free to add more

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