17 Signs That A Woman’s Womb Is About To Block

When a woman’s uterus is blocked, she is unwell and is often upset with many symptoms.

1. He notices and feels stomach pain, worse with exercise.

2. Her heart rate and temperature will increase.

3. Vomiting can occur with the onset of pelvic inflammatory disease.

4. Not sleeping well.

5. Loss of appetite.

6. Her menstrual cycle is interrupted and bleeding is irregular.

7. Difficult or painful s ëx (during intercourse).

8. An intestinal obstruction may occur.

9. The tongue may be dry, but usually there are no nicks.

10. Amenorrhea is usually severe and begins with back pain and abdominal pain and lasts all the way.

11. Pain throughout the pelvis and around the thighs and groin, which is worse after taking pain relievers instead of relieving it.

12. In addition to menstrual cramps, dull or frustrating pain in the abdomen and back often lasts.

13. If the temperature and heart rate continue to rise, hardware may occur.

14. Vaginal discharge of mucus or pus. In most cases, when the ends of the tube are closed or closed, pus builds up in the tube and can escape through the vagina.

15. Possible bad breath (stinking).

16. There will be a feeling of nausea.

17. Everyday duties became a burden.

Supplements are one of the leading causes of infertility in women due to a blocked uterus. Once infected and its removal is delayed, it can infect the right horns and fallopian tubes, leading to infertility and infertility.

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