16 Best Ways To Lose Weight While Asleep.

The ugly truth is.. if you are in for weight loss journey and you are not doing the essential stuff that makes you burn fat effectively you might be wasting your energy and time.

16 Best Ways To Lose Weight While Asleep.

The ugly truth is.. if you are in for weight loss journey and you are not doing the essential stuff that makes you burn fat effectively you might be wasting your energy and time.

You don’t want all your hard work to be in vain either.

In this article, you’ll learn the best ways you can start losing weight while you sleep.

Now, I don’t mean you are going to lose weight while you sleep overnight.

But by sticking to these tips below you’ll gradually be burning fat while you sleep.

1. Taking Cold Showers/Ice Bath:

Taking cold showers is good for losing fat. But you should know that just taking a little splash of cold water on your body won’t do much.

To get better results, you should go for an ice baths, it will burn more calories and help burn more fat effectively.

Also going for ice cold bath can get you relived from pain after workout. If you’re lifting weight at the gym constantly going for ice bath will get you relived from stress and pain that comes from after the workout.

When taking an ice bath releases hormones like irisin which burn the fat tissue in your body and help in losing weight.

Also wearing a thick cloth or sweater just after taking an ice bath won’t help.

After going for an ice bath, wear a cloth less thick before going to bed. Thereby burning more calories.

But you have to be cautious when going for an ice bath. Studies reveals that it should not be done without medical supervision because it can possibly result to hypothermia which can be very dangerous.

2. Eat Lots Of Protein:

Out of the 3 classes of food protein is one of the best food nutrient for weightloss.

Eggs, Beans etc. contains protein and you should a eat a chunk of them if you want to lose belly fat.

Also, studies show that protein helps build muscles and prevent you from losing muscles while you’re getting leaner.

So for those of you that want to build muscles while losing weight, start taking food that contains lots of protein.

It’s recommended to include protein like egg, milk, fish in your breakfast.

That doesn’t mean you should eat too much of it or grab a dozen protein foods at once and start consuming. You should take it at a moderate amount unless just like eating too much food will make you fat.

Eating protein alone is not a magic bullet. You need to combine it with regular exercise and workout.

It’s recommended you eat 10% to 30% of foods with protein content daily.

Also, people who have kidney problems should not take excess of protein diet without consulting their doctor, because excess protein is extorted through the kidney which can cause poor kidney function.

As well people suffering from diabetes should not take excess of protein as it can result to high blood sugar spikes.

Moreover, studies show that taking protein snacks daily can help in weight loss.

You can eat some protein snacks in the morning before you head for work or go out. Some of the best protein snacks are edamame, cottage cheese, chilled shrimp, greek yoghurt, string cheese, deli meat, hard boiled egg, tuna.

Taking protein snacks will help fill your hunger cravings in the morning and also help in fat burning.

Protein meals take longer to digest unlike carbohydrates which thereby make you full more longer and makes it easier to eat less daily.

You should also know that there is vegetables and fruits that are high in protein which includes spinach, guava, tomatoes, peas, artichokes, bison, halibut, pork, wild salmon, pacific cod.

Also, nuts and seeds which are high protein include china seeds, shelled pumpkin seeds, almonds and cashews.

So protein is very essential for losing weight and if you’ve not being eating foods with protein you definitely should.


Iodine can improve your metabolism and promote weight loss.

According to the WHO 30% of the population isn’t taking enough iodine on a consistent basis.

Most people try to get iodine from sea salts which isn’t enough get iodine in your diet. Likewise the same as taking regular salts.

By taking iodine salts which contain lots of iodine can boost your metabolism and result to better weight loss.

Iodine salt gland increases metabolism and thereby boost weight loss, you should note that it’s not for everyone. If you’re allergic to iodine then, you should avoid totally taking iodine salt.

4.Get Some Pills:

But does weight loss pills work?

Yes, infact studies shows that taking proven weight loss supplement boost fat burning rate faster.

If you like rapid weight loss while you’re dieting, then you’ll love

PhenQ gives you energy, enhance your mood and boost fat burning faster.

Each capsule has a proprietary blend made up of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Caffeine Anhydrous, β-phenylethylamine, Dendrobium,Green Tea Extract and 3,5 Diiodo L-Thyronine (T2).

The way PhenQ work is, for example. The caffeine in PhenQ stimulates the nervous system and boost epinephrine rate in the body which signals the body to break down fat asap, and also reduces your appetite which prevents the temptation of taking junk food.

The green tea and T2 in the PhenQ boost the amount of calories you burn when you are resting for several hours.

Combined with lots of other ingredients it can help you drastically shred out that ugly fat.

You first take the weight loss supplement in the morning and also again 30 minutes before workout session which will greatly improve the thermogenic effects of your workout, thereby drastically improving rate of fat your body will burn.

The general recommendation of caffeine anyhrous substance should be consumed at 1-2mg per pound of body weight before exercise and never exceed consuming more than 400mg per day i.e (4 PhenQ pills).

This is the general recommendation, for individual preference you can start with just 1 pill and see how your body reacts, and you can increase dosage if your body adapts to more.

If you have issues falling asleep on taking supplements then don’t take it after 6 pm.

To prevent dehydration, drink lots of water at least 3 litres while taking PhenQ.

This will not just keep you hydrated for a long but good hydration will also help increase your metabolism and further enhances your weight loss.

4. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil contains lots of MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides).

MCT’s can boost your metabolism unlike NCT’S found in butter.

A group of researchers found that by replacing NCTDS With MCtS can help people lose weight and body fat without affecting things like your cholesterol.

It’s not just coconut oil, taking anything that has lots of MCT’s oil can help in burning fat.

Also, you should know that MCT’s oil helps reduce your risk of heart disease.

5. Drink Lots Of Water:-

Taking lots of water is great for your health. And staying hydrated with water can improve your metabolism.

Meanwhile, studies show that drinking over 2 cups of water or 500Ml increases your metabolic rate by 30% for 30 or 40 mins.

So by just drinking water you can boost your weight loss rate.

This works more effectively when you drink cold water consistently instead of regular water.

But don’t expect to just drink water and lose weight overnight. You still got to other essential stuff that contributes to weight loss.

Another studies, show that drinking 0.5 litres of cold water may increase the calories burned.

Cold water is said to be more beneficial because it burns more calories than regular water.

So go take some cold water!

Also, research shows that drinking lots of water before meal can reduce appetite thereby less in calories intake resulting to more weight loss boost.

It’s recommended by experts to take 2 lites or 4 glasses of water daily but this can be optional and depends entirely on the person taking it.

If you get thirsty a lot, then you should be drinking lots of water and also if you get stressed, feeling headache or hungry, it’s important you drink lots water to stay dehydrated.

Also drinking water can remove lots of liquid calorie intake, instead of drinking beverages or soda drinks, it not only saves you money but helps you lose weight in the process.

If you’re taking lots of soda or alcohol after meals, you should stop and start replacing it with cold water.

How do you know you’re not drinking enough water?

Simple! Anytime you urinate and your urine is dark yellow or amber instead of it being light, then it possibly means you’re not taking enough water.

You can fix this by carrying a bottle of water with you in your bag, so that anytime you feel thirsty you can drink so water to stay hydrated.

Also make sure you’re drinking water from a good source. To effectively lose weight drinking water you have to make sure the water is not contaminated and the bottle water is from a certified company.

Water is not only good for belly fat, it also healthy for your liver and kidney function.

So yes! drinking water is essential for losing weight, and you should begin taking lots of it if you’ve not been drinking enough water.

While I don’t mean you should starve yourself to hunger when going to bed or overdo eating to fill your belly.

Eating just small or little meal before going to bed will help you lose weight while you sleep, because when you eat large food before going to bed, it will take long time for your body to digest it in the night and thereby making you feel weak when you wake up and go for junk drinks or snacks which takes us to the next point.

7. Avoid Taking Candies before Going To Bed:

Taking candies like chocolate won’t help thing out.

But if you can’t resist your chocolate, then take a low-calorie, sugar-free chocolate.

Studies show that taking lots of sweets and chocolates makes your body to hold on the fat instead of burning calories.

8. Skip the Alcohol:

Do you realise taking even little of it can increase your weight fat instead of burning it?

Even if you eat very healthy meals while drinking at the same time it won’t help in losing weight.

So here’s what to do instead,..quit it totally or take low calorie beer or wine.

Yes, in fact there lots of low calorie drinks out there that can help you burn calories efficiently.

The good part about skipping alcohol is it gives you energy to accelerate the weight loss process.

(Studies) shows that drinking alcohol can result to less and poor quality of sleep. When you quit drinking before going to bed you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, stronger and better.

Furthermore, it’s not just about skipping it before going to bed, discipline yourself to taking less alcohol and make it gradual habit, and replace it with clean water. You’ll then eventually start having less hunger cravings, boost your metabolism and speed up your weight loss journey.

Skipping alcohol will not only contribute to weight loss you’ll also prevent risking of getting a stroke . Heavy drinking can increase your blood pressure and can result heart problems.

Finally, when you stop taking alcohol, you’ll prevent risk to developing cancer either breast, mouth, colon or liver cancer and the risk gets higher the more you addictive to alcohol. There are many reasons why you should quit alcohol but if you want to achieve your dream body you’ve got to make personal sacrifices, quitting alcohol addictive will have lots of benefits to your health.

If you find it hard to quit drinking, then replace it with low calorie drinks and have a drinking limit.

There are cocktails and beers that you must avoid drinking if you’re serious about losing weight.
Some of them include;
•Fruity Daiquiris
•White Russian
•Piña Colada
•Mulled Wine.

If you’re looking for low calorie wines, then you should check out the following,
•Pinot Noir
•Sparkling Rose
•Pinot Grigior
•Non-brunt champagne
•Dry Sherry
•Sweet Sherry
•Late Harvest Wine

So begin from today to stop taking alcohol drinks and instead replace it with water or more healthier and low calorie drinks.

9. Take A Protein Shake:-

Yup, it’s possible to use protein shake to lose weight.
Protein shake is essential for burning fat. It can boost your metabolism and reduce your appetite.

And if you’re into body building, taking protein shakes reduces muscle loss.

You can get one from a grocery store or follow a protein shake recipe and make it yourself.

If you’re wondering whether you should take protein shake before or after workout, i recommend it’s best it’s best to take some protein shake after workout.

And you can also take some protein shake before bed, doing this boost your metabolism and promote weight loss.

It’s best to take some protein shake after workout.
And you can also take some protein shake before bed, doing this boost your metabolism and promote weight loss.

10. More Sex

Studies shows that having more sex before going to bed can help in losing weight.

Because it requires energy you burn calories in the process.

Also scientist, reveals that having sex for a longer period helps burn over 80 calories.

Fat burning occurs effectively when your sex duration last for at least 30 minutes. But that’s not the magic bullet to lose weight fast..You have to also combine it with regular exercise and diet.

So yep. it does help lose weight. Let your spouse know about that!.

11. Take Green Tea.

Green tea is originated from China.

For years, green tea has been the one of the the best recommendation for weightloss.

This is because green tea contains an antioxidant called catechins, which boost fat burning and your metabolism.

The carhechins breaks down the fat and boost the energy your body needs.

Studies also shows that taking green tea for sticky 12 weeks straight, can can help you lose 7.3 pounds or 3.3kg.

That’s the power green tea. So get yourself some!

Green tea health benefits are outstanding from burning fat, to preventing type 2 diabetes , improving brain functioning, preventing cardiovascular disease, lowering risk of cancer, preventing bad breath and so much more.

And yes, you can take green tea during pregnancy it won’t cause any harm by drinking one or two cups.

There are plenty of healthy reasons why green tea is good for you.

And if you’re serious in losing weight, there’s literally no excuse why you should include green tea in your diet and breakfast.

12. Turn off The Lights:

According to research, leaving the light on while sleeping will result to weight gain and won’t help out.

Another study, reveals that peopleb who slept in dark room were able to lose fat than those who slept in rooms with light.

A group of scientists from Ohio University did an experiment by exposing mice for 16 hours and 8 hours of darkness. As a result, the group that watched TV all night gained weight.

13. Turn up the cold.

As I said earlier in taking ice bath. Sleeping in a room at temperature at a higher cold temperature can help in weight loss.

This is because when it’s too cold your body will work on trying to get warmth and thereby burn calories.

So yes, high cold temperatures can help burn fat.

14. Turn Off Your Smartphone:

Harvard researchers shows that too many electronics at home hinders weight loss. This is because the electric devices produces blue light which is reduces melatonin production.

If you can’t resist the temptation to use your smartphone during bed time, then put your smartphone on night mode which thereby minimize the blue light effect.

Or even better charge or leave your phone while going to bed. This will totally prevent it from disrupting melatonin production.

15. Eat Whole Grains

Eating whole grains like Contributes to weight loss.

If you’re looking for what whole grains to eat, then barley is a good one. It’s not just only good for fat burning but also lower your cholesterol levels.

Whole grains contains lots of fibre which boost weight loss. It also prevents the risk of having heart disease.

Studies also shows that taking whole grains daily can lower belly fat tested and worked on over 120,000 people.

Another study reveals that two groups of women, one group strictly ate whole grains and the other ate refined grains. Even though the both lost a good amount of weight,the whole grains group had a higher loss of fat than the refined grain group.

Eating whole wheat is also good. Between whole grains vs whole wheat, both are healthy , but whole grains like oats, barley promote more of weight loss.

Consuming whole grains over refined grains will have a great impact on your body.

Start eating whole grains before nap time it’s very essential for weight loss.

16: Eat Cottage Cheese:

As I said earlier, while I don’t recommend not eating at all before going to bed, taking a cottage cheese is way more healthier to help burn fat.

Cottage cheese is soft white with distinct milk fat levels and curd sizes.

You can also get recipes for cottage cheese and make some at home.

It’s a good source of protein, containing nutrients like phosphorus, vitamins, calcium etc.

A scientific study reveals that people who sticked to a diet protein food like cottage cheese for 1 year were able to lose weight of 6.2 pounds in men and 3.1 in women.

Cottage cheese is rich in casein which boost muscles gain and also prevents muscle loss.

A recent study also states that consistently eating cottage cheese daily will help you to lose weight faster even if you don’t workout.

Those who didn’t the experiment were surprisingly able to lose weight.

So if you know you’re not sticking to your gym workout routine, make sure you starr eating some cottage cheese.

Now for the girls, a scientific research that eating cottage cheese reduces your chances of developing breast cancer.

But eating too much of cottage cheese can be bad especially if you have kidney problems.

Because by eating too much protein can cause the kidney to not function properly because of increase in the amount of waste it removes.

Cottage cheese also makes the bones stronger. If you have kids at home, give them some cottage cheese cause it strengthens their bones for real.

Also cottage cheese is beneficial for diabetic I patients Cottage cheese is also rich in magnesium which help keep the blood sugar level normal.

Now the bottom line is this – if you’re looking to improve your weight loss process then taking cottage cheese will be a great advantage to your health.

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