14 Mistakes That Can Cause You Deep Regret at Old Age

Many of us live a life of flamboyance and extravagance when we are young, because we feel it is our time to enjoy life and we have to enjoy it to the fullest.

In the course of doing that, we end up making a lot of ill-informed and ill-timed decisions, that have the capacity to cripple our lives and or make us live in deep and perpetual regret in old age.

In this article, I’ll be analyzing fourteen poor decisions that can make you live in regrets by the time old age arrives.

1. The Dreams and Talents You Wasted

Don’t be afraid to dream big and don’t run away from pursuing them doggedly because of one challenge or the other. It is a known fact that winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. Challenges are part of life so as long as it is what you believe in and have passion for, please stick out your neck and it’s only a matter of time it will manifest. Study that course, learn that language, travel to that place, just start with what you have from where you are otherwise, you will see your peers who went all the way living their dreams in old age and you will be there wishing that was you.


2. Missed Opportunities

Many young people have missed opportunities that would have turned their lives around for good, simply because of fear, laziness or pride. Now in their old age, these people are wishing that they had put their young energy and vibrancy into those opportunities. Please don’t make the same mistake these people made. Make use of every opportunity that comes your way and don’t be afraid of receiving no for an answer because those who said no today can say yes tomorrow.

3. The Marriage Vows You Broke

So you were lucky to have found and gotten married to the best man/woman in the world, perfect for you, oh life couldn’t get any better. However, along the line, the promiscuity spirit living in you could no longer rest and you started having affairs. You started to do opposite of the very things that attracted your spouse to you. Suddenly, he/she was no longer so important and of course, you don’t really care because you are enjoying the thrills of your discreet affairs.

Neither the tears in the eyes of your children nor your spouse could stop you, and you jeopardize the peace, blessings and tranquility of your marriage on the laps of Jezebel and greed. By the time this phase is over and you now have grey hairs, you will realize just how much damage you caused your children and spouse and wish you did better.

4. Broken Relationships

When we are younger, we do not really care for building and solidifying relationships. All we think about most of the time, is how to get money and in this quest to be rich, we trample on people’s feelings, we break hitherto solid relationships , use and dump people while some go to the length of sleeping with the wrong people, just to get even or for personal gain. The reality that you have so much money if at all, but you are lonely and have no one around you for support will be a bitter pill to swallow at old age.

5. The Destinies You Aborted

Many young people are sleeping on this table that is about to be shattered. So many young men have given many girls money to abort children for them without any form of remorse. So many ladies too have sacrificed their wombs on abortion tables and drug counters. Many women are trapped in childless marriages because they were unfortunate to marry men who have been cursed on abortion tables, while many men are suffering because they have unknowingly married women without wombs. The regrets that come with these vices at old age cannot be quantified and you will wish you lived more carefully.

6. The Child(ren) You Rejected

As a young man, your girlfriend told you she is pregnant and instead of you to man up and do the needful, you ran away and left her to cater to the child alone. Some of you even have several baby mama’s with no contribution from you on the children welfare. You will look for tears in old age but be unable to cry when you see that child or children you rejected doing great exploits in life. You will be unable to claim fatherhood benefits because you never performed fatherhood duties on the child(ren). Same thing go for ladies who abandon their babies in dustbins or with relatives and never look back. Please be rest assured that nemesis will catch up with you at old age.

7. Marrying for the wrong reasons

A lot of people in contemporary time marry for physical attributes only. Does she have big breasts, big butt, tiny waistline, does she drive a car or is he a big boy, does he have money etc those are the kinds of questions many people ask when planning to settle down. Eventually, the persons real attitude comes out in marriage and it ends in depression, physical abuse, extra-marital affairs, pain, shame, court cases.

Most unfortunately, the big breast and loaded pocket cannot salvage these crisis which is worse if children are involved. Wrong marriage is equal to complete waste of time, which leads to deep regrets in old age. Ensure you marry for love and the right reasons only.


8. The God You Blasphemed

I see so many people come on the internet to question God and religion, simply because of the misbehaviours of some so-called men of God not realizing that religion is a personal journey with God. Speaking against God and his instructions is even a woke thing in this generation, but I will implore you to take the time to know God while you are young. Don’t wait till old age to realize you could have gone farther in life, if only you had included God in the affairs of your life. Start now to have fellowship with him and it will only get better I assure you.

9. The Body You Used and Battered

The rate at which young people are into hard drugs and narcotic substances in this day and age is quite alarming. And it is even more amazing that this vice cuts across both the educated and uneducated young members of the society. Please understand that while it makes you feel good and among at this point in time, by the time the repercussions come, none of the people you are trying to impress will help you because they will certainly be battling with their own health issues too and that is if they are still alive. Many of you still bleach on top of the narcotics you take hmnn, I can only advice you to like yourself and preserve yourself, so you don’t end up in severe bodily pains and health challenges later on in life.

10. The Times You Misused

Many young people are questioning education right now with the excuse that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, was a school dropout yet is now a multi-billionaire . They forget to remember that Zuckerberg, eventually went back to school and has various certificates from prestigious educational institutions in the world. Don’t waste your time being lazy or pursuing things that will not stand the test of time. Stop procrastinating and giving meaningless excuses, stand up and do the needful with your life so you don’t have to beg your contemporaries for money when you get to old age.

11. The Good Name You Tarnished

An African Proverb says “A good name is better that gold and silver”. Ask yourself how you are representing yourself and the name you bear. When people call your name what do they attach to it. You write your biography everyday with how you live your life so be very conscious about your character and reputation. Stop throwing mud at your name and embarrassing the generation coming, behind simply because you want to trend and become popular. The problem is not becoming popular but what are you becoming popular for? Guard your name jealously so you don’t look back in old age and become ashamed because your name contributed very little to the world and you lack an enviable reputation.

12. The Parents You Ignored

It’s really appalling how some young people treat their parents these days. They see them as old-school, crude and not in tune with modern realities. You may think you are right but what the elders see sitting down, a child standing on a hill can never see it.

Respect your parents, take care of them to the best of your ability. Do not let them beg you before you carry out your responsibilities over them. Also, don’t just send them money, also spend time with them, don’t ignore or relegate them to the background. When you get older, you will understand better how and why they want to be close to you at this point in their lives. For some who feel offended by their parents actions and decisions when they were younger, forgive them and make peace with them, let the past remain in the past and maximize the little time left to build great memories.


13. The Wealth You Mismanaged

Our people say the first money a child sees is spent on frivolities. Times have changed and you are expected to be wiser. Don’t be caught in reckless spending, wasting valuable resources, on clubbing, nightlife, womanizing or impulsive purchases of material things that expire within a short time. Invest whatever money you have now wisely, so that you will be able to take care of yourself in old age and you won’t be a liability to your children and those around you.

14. The True Love You Hurt

True love is very hard to come by and if you are one of the lucky people, who find it in their lifetime, please take care of that person and value the love because many sought for that opportunity throughout their lifetime but couldn’t find it. Don’t let ego, pride and greed deny you of the opportunity to love and be loved truly, because trust me, if that person leaves, you will live in regrets for the rest of your life, especially when you think of how awesome your life would’ve been, if you had stayed with that man/woman of your dreams.

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