11-year-old Muslim student who threatened to behead teacher is moved to Islamic school

That’ll fix everything, right? He is sure to grow up to be a loyal, productive member of secular German society now, isn’t he?

Meanwhile, note how the parents, after the pattern of Islamic supremacists everywhere in claiming victim status when accused, disclaimed all responsibility and blamed the school.

“Muslim had threatened a teacher in Berlin with beheading,” translated from “Muslim hatte Lehrerin in Berlin mit Enthauptung gedroht,” Der Tagesspiegel, January 9, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

In mid-November 2020, an eleven-year-old Muslim student at the Christian Morgenstern primary school in Berlin-Spandau threatened his teacher with beheading, immediately afterwards the boy was written off as sick and has not shown up at school since. He won’t either.

According to information from the Tagesspiegel, the eleven-year-old has been withdrawn from the Morgenstern school by his parents and registered at a Turkish private school in Spandau. Karina Jehniche, the director of the Morgenstern elementary school, did not respond to a request from Tagesspiegel about this.

It is now unclear whether and how the boy will receive psychological care. A psychologist from Morgenstern elementary school had dealt with the boy and the question of whether he was just parroting the sentence and from whom he had heard it, or whether he had taken up some of the thinking about Islamic violence.

The threat related to the murder of the French teacher Samuel Paty, who had been beheaded by an 18-year-old Chechen for showing caricatures of Mohammed in class.

In the Morgenstern school it was agreed that a weekly conversation would take place between the school psychologist, class teacher and the boy’s mother. If necessary, the 11-year-old should also be added. In any case, the student should have a mandatory one-on-one interview with the psychologist and a social worker at the school.

The mother no longer has any compulsory obligation to the school. The boy’s siblings were also at Morgenstern School, but left the school earlier.

In a phone call immediately after the incident, the mother explained to the headmistress that it must be the school’s fault if her son said something like that. She and her husband didn’t think this way.

The boy had been noticed a week before he was threatened with violence. One day after the threat, he wrote a handwritten apology to the teacher concerned.

It is also now unclear how the youth welfare office will continue to look after the family. Karina Jehniche, the headmistress, had reported the incident to the youth welfare office, among other things.

“The family gets every support from this office as well as from the school psychology and inclusion educational counseling and support center in Spandau,” Jehniche said after the incident.

In the Morgenstern School, the processing of the incident continues. The integration project “meet2respect”, which already works twice a year at the school, will hold a study day at the request of the teaching staff.

“We learn better how to deal with religions and how to promote mutual understanding,” says Jehniche.

Yeah, that’ll fix everything.


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