11 Diseases Lime Can Cure

Lime, a citrus fruit which is round and green is basically found in most places in Nigeria. It has some useful medicinal benefits that most people don't know of.

11 Diseases Lime Can Cure

Lime, a citrus fruit which is round and green is basically found in most places in Nigeria. It has some useful medicinal benefits that most people don’t know of. We will be learning few of those diseases like can cure


The like juice is of great value in constipation. When taken as the first thing in the morning in a glass of warm water, in chronic cases, it helps remove the disorder by promoting biliary secretion from the liver.

The citric acid in limes has an alkaline reaction in the system. The acid together with mineral salt present in the juice, helps the digestion by assisting in the absorption of fats and alcohol and by neutralizing excessive bile produce by the liver.

The juice counteracts the effects of greasy foods and reduces gastric acidity. Its therefore valuable in the treatment of peptic ulcer.


lime is ideal in all type of fever and cold if taken with diluted vitamin C or coconut water. Rich lime juice increases resistance, reduces toxicity and cuts down the course of the illness. Unless on specially allergic to citrus fruits, one should not avoid lime during cold. A teaspoonful of honey added is an ideal remedy for cold and dry cough.


A small lime should be split into two and sprinkled with rock salt powder inside. The lime is then tucked inside the mouth and the juice is slowly taken. Lime juice with its anti hemorrhagic properties and salt rich in magnesium sulphate, checks bleeding. It helps good bowel movement and gradually shrink the pile masses


As a rich source of vitamin C, the lime has been regarded as a food of exceptional therapeutic value. It has saved the lives of crews of ocean going vessels from scurvy. The boards of Trade regulations have made it compulsory for the two crew to have a supply of lime juice when the vegetables are not available


The lime juice is also excellent for weight reduction. It has a sedative effect on the nerves. Fresh juice of a lime mixed in a glassful of warm water and honey should be taken every morning on an empty stomach in case of obesity. It will reduce weight in two calories diet to get the desired result


The fruit has been used as a remedy in gout and arthritis for a long time. Vitamin C is known to prevent and cure sore joints by strengthening the connective tissues of the body. The citric acid focused in the lime is a solvent of the uric acid which is the primary cause of gout and other diseases of this nature.


Lime is considered highly beneficial in the treatment of digestive disorders. A teaspoonful of fresh lime should be mixed with equal quantity of honey. It should be licked to stop bilious vomiting, indigestion, burning in the stomach and excessive accumulation of saliva in the mouth.


Swollen gums can be treated by lime. A glass of diluted fresh juice mixed with a pinch of rock salt should be taken in this conditions. The squeezed lime should be rubbed over the gums.


Cystitis is inflammation of urinary bladder. lime has proved valuable in cystitis. A teaspoonful of lime juice should be put in 180mg of boiling water. It should be allowed to cool and 60mg of this water should be given every two hours in this condition. It gives relief to burning sensation and stops bleeding in cystitis.


When externally applied fresh lime is highly beneficial in the treatment of scorpion sting. A crystal of potassium permanganate should be put over it. It will have effect in ten minutes.


Lime can be used as a beauty aid. A lime may be squeezed in a fully boiled glass ful of whole milk. A teaspoonful of glycerine maybe added to it. It should be left for half an hour and then applied on the face, hands and feet before sleep. Applying it every night will help one to look young and beautiful. The application can cure pimples,cracked soles and palms, dryness of the face. Massaging few drops of lime juice with ample hair cream every night before bed , stops falling of hair, lengthens them and prevent them from premature graying. It also cures dandruff.

NOTE: Lime should not be taken in excess. The alkaline of salts in lime juice neutralizes the free uric acid and precipitate it. Excess sucking of fresh like is also bad for ones teeth as the acid damages the delicate enamel of the teeth and makes them sensitive.

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