10 Ways Our Eyes Give Signs of Diabetes, Cancer, HIV & Other Tips : Take Note

Sometimes we get some irritations in the eye eyes but we rub it off as a normal experience. Sound sleeping and having a good rest restores vision and the unpleasant sensations fade away completely. However there are other irritations and sign that we can’t afford to ignore because there are direct message of our health.

1.White spot on the cornea of the eye

It is commonly experienced by those who wear contact lenses. The part spot is a clear indication that there is an attack of the cornea Infection. Also wearing expired contact lenses and even a small injury causes the white spot as an infection.

2.White circle around the iris of the eye

Mostly this is a sign of aging but if you are far from old age and the white circle appears, it indicates high levels of cholesterol in the system that may lead to heart attack or stroke.

3.Red eyes

Red eyes may be caused by insufficient sleep, wind, dust, sun or prolonged work, and if none of those are the cause then red eyes are a sign of high intracranial pressure and diabetes.

4.Dry Eyes

Dry eyes cause discomfort and itching of the eye which lead to rubbing of the soft muscles around the eye. Constant rubbing leads to sagging of the eyelid and wrinkles around the eye. This often is a sign of seasonal allergy. When the dryness is accompanied by increased an irritating sensitivity to light indicate Sjogren’s syndrome which is a rare immune system disorder.

5.Colorless specks in front of the eye

This is mostly seen when looking at a clear sky, white wall or dazzling snow. It is at times normal but increased quantity of it shows a sign of retinal tear or detachment.

6.Shows HIV/Aids through Retina

HIV/AIDS can be spotted through your eyes because it causes a severe and potentially blinding inflammation of the Retina as shown below.

7.Indication of skin Cancer

Basal Cell carcinomas can show anywhere in the body and at times on the eyelid, where it causes a sore and leads to lose of eyelashes. They can cause severe disfigurement, blindness and even death when they reach the brain.

8.Cloudy eye

This condition mostly affects the old people but when it happens to younger people it would be a sign of tumor, diabetes as well as side effects of medications.

9.Disappearing images in the visual field

If you realize that some images are disappearing from your visual area, mostly in front of you is a sign of eye migraines.

10.Yellow eyes whites

Often is as a result of a decrease in the functionality of the liver and bile duct. It may become a main symptom of hepatitis

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