10 secret first class student will never tell you about

There is no any intelligent students that can read without cramming. As people used to said or most of the tutors

10 secret first class student will never tell you about

These are the criteria that a First Class dreamer must obey before achieve their dreams:

1. Cramming is first class family: There is no any intelligent students that can read without cramming. As people used to said or most of the tutors, they always say read and understanding, but dear brothers/sisters. If you are unable to crammed, the First class grade will be difficult. Some students are first class team but the way they will have conversations to other students looks odd.

Have you not seen some first class students that cannot pronounce English word correctly?

Cramming, understanding and reading works exclusively together.

2. If you want to bag for first class: First class students attend lectures daily, most of the first class graduate don’t play with lectures. If you want to be in first class position it is advisable to start attending lectures.

3. Brain/Intellectual: Students have different brain, but the fact is that some first class students don’t read 24 hours (they don’t have to read from morning to Night before they achieve their objectives), some among them have time of their inspiration (may be like 2-8 hours or more than that), while some read 247 they are book’s family.

4. First Class Students always want to know everything: Most of them will struggle on how to know all the topics discuss in the class. If there is any topic they are unable to understand, they will always want to learn from others that they know it.

They don’t care to associate to people just because of one topic they don’t understand.

5. Be a Tutor to other and First Class is assured: it will be very difficult for you to forget what you always teach others. By giving knowledge acquisition to the others you are boosting and increasing knowledge. If you check, most of the first class always do this.

6. First Class Students are objectives/Goals Achiever: Before a first class students achieve his/her dreams, He/she must first set goals/objectives of being among the first class members. Most of the first class we are seeing today will be setting for first class right from the first year (100Level) in school. So, it will be difficult for you to be aiming first class grade in your 3rd year in school.

Try and maintain your GP and make sure you keep pressing progressively.

7. Did First Class Students have boyfriend or Girlfriend? Yes/No

Although the failure of many students today is as a result of their relationship and friends in school. For a first class aimers giving priority to your relationship ahead of your academic is insane.

Yes! You can have girlfriend or boyfriend but try more and more to make sure your relationship is free from the things that can give negative impact to your academic.

8. Polite, Competent and Honest: Most of the First Class Students you see today, just take a views towards their attitude, you will see that they always give moral/Intellectual speech, they will not issues with anyone and the friends you will see with them do the same as they do.

9. Don’t neglect Notes/Handout Giving to them by Lecturers: Always watch them closely very well, if lecturers say a single A, he/she will write it down and they don’t play with handout/notes.

10. Dear Brothers/Sisters: Let talk about the fact and Truth, First Class Students we see now they are natural gifted and talented, their creator has been destinied with First Class Honour. There are many people bagging for this grade but they are unable and they even work harder than some first class students but unfortunately they’re not destinied by it.


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