10 Pinterest Accounts that will Improve Your Life

If you’re anything like me, you love your daily or weekly fix of Pinterest inspiration. Here are some accounts that are sure to make your spirits soar!

1. For Style Likers: Christine Martinex Loya

One of Pinterest’s most followed users, with a whooping 5.3 million followers, this young woman likes style—and you can see it in her boards. From Sweet Treats to HeART and interior design (Homie), she pins stylish things. You’re unlikely to find anything mismatched or ugly amongst her pins. She also has a board for Words to Live By, which will inspire you.

2. For Design Likers: Jennifer Chong

Chong is, admittedly, the mother of one of the co-founders of Pinterest, but that doesn’t stop it from being kind of amazing that she has accumulated over 2 million followers! She pins very stylish boards—a lot of food, travel, seasonal and design. Logos, infographics about design, packaging design, branding and so on can all be found here.

3. For Food and Design Likers: Joy Cho

I had to mention Joy as she has the most followers of all on Pinterest. That’s right—the most. An amazing 13 million people follow her!

4. Food, Interior Design and Books: Maia McDonald

Another classical Pinterest account in that it focuses on the things people tend to pin—from faves on Etsy to glorious food photography and home decor. The difference? The woman does have style—and a large following who appreciates it.

5. For Fashion, Beauty, Style, Art and Design: Caitlin Cawley

Another gorgeous account. This one a bit more focused on fashion and beauty, but also with art and design and, of course, food. It’s like a commandment for Pinterest users: Thou shalt pin beautiful food photography. Indeed. Amen.

6. For the Like of Fashion, Interior Design, Food and Boho Life: Anthropologie

You know about Anthropologie, don’t you? If not, let me introduce you to my favorite good mood brand. When I’m in LA, you will find me at the Grove completely lost in the wonder of the Anthropologie store. You see, their home decor is more than just a little bit brilliant, and sometimes they pull off these feats with decorating the store and doing window displays that make me drool. They do a lot of clothing also and they’re eco-conscious. I’m not such a fan of their clothing, but their stores, their sense of interior design and their Pinterest accounts are like my magical heaven. Who can be sad when there’s so much beauty?

7. For Interior Design and Architecture Likers: Maryann Rizzo

As an interior designer, Maryann Rizzo has great taste and 247 boards with everything you could possibly want for the home. From fabrics and texture to bathroom designs, sunrooms to floral arrangements and tiles to cabanas—you’ll find it all here, and it’s gorgeous.

8. For Garden Likers: Evelyn Vincent

If you love gardens, flowers, herbs and fresh recipes, this is for you. Evelyn pins stunning images that are sure to lift your spirits.

9. For People with a Weakness for Fashion: Louis Vuitton

Do you have a weakness where fashion is concerned, or maybe a particular kind of fashion? Like say shoes, or bags? I do. I have one itty-bitty weakness and it’s called Louis Vuitton bags. I am in love with their bags, especially the vintage ones.

If your weakness is Louis Vuitton, Prada, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, etc., look it up on Pinterest and let your spirits soar.

10. For Fashion and Beauty Likers: Dawn Guarillo

Truth be told, you find more fashion on Dawn’s boards than you do on some of the big fashion icons’ boards. Maybe because they tend to pin their own brands only. Dawn pins everything from hairstyles to Gucci (different boards for different brands) and nail polish. If you love fashion, Dawn will make you smile.

Bonus… For the Like Addict: Maria Montgomery

Last, but not least, I have to mention my own account. I found all the inspiration I needed and more for my own brand, Magique. Magique is a carnival of desire; an indulgent adventure taking you on a journey into the world of love, naughtiness and romance. On my boards, you will everything from date night hacks to nests for lovers, dinner date night recipes and romantic travel destinations—and a tad of naughtiness. It all comes with a touch of rustic bohemian flair and the images are guaranteed beautiful. They lift my spirits every day!

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