10 good creams for chocolate skin tone

10 good creams for chocolate skin tone

Disclaimer : This is not an advertisement, I wrote this to help my fellow women with a chocolate skin tone.

A good cream should

1. moisturise the skin

2. prevent sunburn

3. clear and prevent acnes and pimples. 4. not bleach the skin

5. not cause stretch marks and it must not contain harmful ingredient like mercury and Hydroquinone (though 2% of Hydroquinone is allowed)

6. Give the user a healthy even skin tone and glow.

Getting such creams/lotion for a chocolate skin is becoming increasingly difficult due to the fact that most creams produced in the markets are for fairer skin tones “The so called Whitening lotions” .These whitening lotions has proven to be very damaging to the African brown skin.

The creams /lotions below are good creams based on the criteria above, consistent use of any of these creams would help your skin attain it’s maximum potentials. What’s more? They are very affordable.

1 Nivea natural fairness

2. Nivea Rich Nourishing

3. Nivea nourishing cocoa

4. Revlon natural honey

5. Jergens Shea butter

6. Venus skin toning lotion with sunscreen

7 Palmer’s skin success

8 Vaseline cocoa radiant

9. Ambi fade cream

10 . Ambi soft and even creamy oil lotion

I would add my favourite cocoa butter cream, Zenon cocoa butter

Please note that

1. These creams are arranged in no particular order

2. To get the best out of these creams use them with any of the soaps below.

Dud osun ( the old one or the new one )

Cottage fresh super toner

Have you used any of the skin care products below? If yes, share your experience in the comment section below.


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